Fruity, Frozen, and Fabulous

Summer drinking has been on my mind almost constantly since I posted for Memorial Day.  The season offers a fantastic opportunity for creative drink-making using beautiful seasonal herbs, fruits, and veggies.  Today we’ll talk about FROZEN drinks specifically.  We’ll get to the fruit drinks and savory herbs later, and our summer conversation will culminate before Independence Day with a special set of patriotic shots and one of my super awesome top-secret party recipes.  Sound good?  OK, let’s go.

Creamy, frozen, ultra-sweet:  This category of cocktails is the boon of summertime, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for ordering one of these chilly delights. The languid permissiveness of summer allows even the manliest of mens to throw his dudely reserve aside.  The nostalgia associated with hot summer days that smell of grills a-cookin’ and just-mown grass has a tendency to bring out the nineteen-year-old girl in all of us, and that fresh young lady should be appeased with a drink that’s fabulous, fruity, and practically begging for a maraschino cherry and tiny umbrella garnish.  So, put away the whiskey and dust off that blender, ‘cause today we’re whipping up some classic froufrou fare featuring rum, tequila, and vodka. Continue reading “Fruity, Frozen, and Fabulous”