Tequila You Softly

Before I begin, I’d like to sing the praises of my lovely friend, Arielle, who is a huge contributor to my writing motivation and daily inspiration for spreading love, light, and delicious vegan recipes across the land.  If you have not checked out my suggested links, I highly recommend you visit Love Them Apples, her vegan recipe/story blog to see the gorgeous and mouthwatering photos of her creations.  *sigh*  I lust after her pies.

This particular article was inspired by Arielle’s impending birthday.  She asked what a mindful, healthful person should consider as a special  birthday drink.  My answer:  A “real” margarita made with pure ingredients and fine tequila. Happy birthday, dear Arielle.  I hope your day is as magical as you. Continue reading “Tequila You Softly”