Gluten-Free Brewing; Also – A Contest for My Extremely Limited Readership

Tytron has been brewing our own delicious beer for the past several years, and he has a serious talent for creating amazing home brew from scratch.  I’m not just biased, either.  With very few exceptions (namely the Blowout Brew that scented our home with heinous gaseous emissions until I ordered an immediate halt to consumption) his recipes have resulted in delicious, well-balanced beers that rival any specialty, store-bought varieties I’ve tried.

The biggest challenge in brewing we’ve had so far has been in the gluten-free department.  To be frank, a girl can only drink so much wine and cider and hard liquor.  Sometimes, only an ice-cold, quality beer scratches that itch. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Brewing; Also – A Contest for My Extremely Limited Readership”